I am not sure there is a solution to the following problem, I hope there is one tho...
A VDF17.1 application is ported to a virtual machine.
Up until now, a local folder (C:\TempUsr) is used for temp files (Crystal Reports also reference this folder - hard coded on some reports), and all other folders are located on a common mapped folder of the network.
So all the paths were pointing to the network drive and the temp folder is local to each computer.
The application's .ws file loos like that:
Now with the VM, all the users will login into the server from their desktop, and they need to access the application which is set up 'locally' on drive C now.
Their policy will assign a different profile for each user's personal files (My Documents, Desktop etc...) but everything else is common.

So the question now is how to set up the .ws file, so the Data and all folders remain common, except for the temp folder which obviously now cannot be C:\TempUsr because it will be assessed by all the users and the app will not like that too much as I am sure I will get plenty of error messages saying the app cannot access the files because thye are already in use.

Ideally - I think - I would need to be able to replace the temp folder path in the .ws file, with for example a folder that will have the same name, but will be located in each user's personal folder, but how to do that?
The data path should be something like that:

In short, I think the question can be formulated like this: can we set up a dataflex application as a 'single user' installation (on the C: drive of a server/VM) but provide multi user logins to the same server?
The problem is how to replace the folder C:\TempUsr which is used as temp files folder, as well as a hard coded path for crystal reports making use of that temp folder.

Does someone have done that kind of set up, or is it just totally impossible to achieve?