I think I need to go back to DD school. I expect this to work

Properly constructed and connected set of Data Dictionary Objects

Send Clear of Great_Grandchild_DD
Move Unique ID to Great_Grandchild Unique ID column
Send Find of Great_Grandchild_DD EQ Index.1        //Primary index on Unique ID column
If does not matter if I
Send Clear or Send Request_Clear
Send Clear of Great grandchild or Send Clear of Parent
Send Find or Send Request_Find

The Great grandchild record is not found - in fact nothing in the structure is found

If I change “Send Find” to “Send Request_Superfind” it does want I expect a Find to do.

  • Clear propagates up - so clearing the Great grandchild should clear the complete structure
  • Find should relate - so all of the parents should also be found.

What am I not understaning?

I’m very confused