We installed DF 19.1 server on a new Windows Server 2019.
Everything on the Default appool is running fine.
But in the log we get a lot of errors like this: "The Module DLL C:\MyPath\Dataflex 19.1\Bin\WasHttpMod.dll failed to load. The data is the error."

We also saw that when we are getting this error all the appools in IIS except the DefaultAppool is shutting down!
We believe this has something to do with user rights, because it all started after we changed the user rights on the server.
Now, all our DF apps are currently under default appool since this is working. But we don´t want it that way.

If you enter a user to run the app in IIS, what rights does that user need against the DF folder?
Or is this something else that we missed?