Hello there!
I'm trying to make a simple sample program that will print a report when clicking a button.

I'm using Visual Dataflex 16.1, Crystal Reports XI and DB2 for my database.

Below is the source code for the program:
Use Windows.pkg
Use DFClient.pkg
Use cPAISDataDictionary.dd
Use DFEntry.pkg
Use cCrystal.pkg

Deferred_View Activate_oTeste1 for ;
Object oTeste1 is a dbView
    Object oPAIS_DD is a cPAISDataDictionary

    Set Main_DD to oPAIS_DD
    Set Server to oPAIS_DD

    Set Border_Style to Border_Thick
    Set Size to 200 300
    Set Location to 2 2

    Object oPAIS_SIGLA_PAIS is a dbForm
        Entry_Item PAIS.SIGLA_PAIS
        Set Location to 68 100
        Set Size to 13 20
        Set Label to "SIGLA PAIS:"

    Object oPAIS_DESCRICAO is a dbForm
        Entry_Item PAIS.DESCRICAO
        Set Location to 84 100
        Set Size to 13 155
        Set Label to "DESCRICAO:"
    Object oCrystalReport is a cCrystal
        String lsCaminho
        Get psDataPath of (phoWorkspace(ghoApplication)) to lsCaminho 
        Move (lsCaminho + "\TESTE1.rpt") to lsCaminho
        Set psReportName to lsCaminho
        Procedure OnInitializeReport Handle hoReport
            Forward Send OnInitializeReport

    Object oButton1 is a Button
        Set Location to 120 100
        Set Label to 'Imprimir'
        // fires when the button is clicked
        Procedure OnClick
            Send RunReport of oCrystalReport

The problem is: when it runs the report, sometimes it asks for the password.

Click image for larger version. 

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How do I make it so that it saves the login and password and stops asking for it?