I think I found an issue with the cDbCJGridColumnSuggestion when used in a db-aware dialog. The issue doesn't happen if the cDbCJGridColumnSuggestion is used in a normal view object. Copy and Replace the code for the Item ID column in the Order.vw from the Order Entry Example to see how it should behave.

       Object oInvt_Item_ID is a cDbCJGridColumnSuggestion // cDbCJGridColumn
          Entry_Item Invt.Item_ID
          Set piWidth to 144
          Set psCaption to "Item ID"
          Set psImage to "ActionPrompt.ico"
          Set peSuggestionMode to smCustom
          Procedure OnFindSuggestions String sSearch tSuggestion[] ByRef aSuggestions
            Boolean bContinue
            Boolean bOk
            Integer i iResults
            Forward Send OnFindSuggestions sSearch (&aSuggestions)
            Clear Invt
            Find GT Invt by Index.1
            Move (Found) to bContinue
            If (bContinue) Begin
              If (Invt.Item_ID contains sSearch) Begin
                Move (SerializeRowID(GetRowId(Invt.File_Number))) to aSuggestions[i].sRowId
                Move (Trim(Invt.Item_ID)) to aSuggestions[i].aValues[0]
                Increment i
            Increment iResults
            Move (iResults <= piMaxResults(Self)) to bContinue
            Until (not(bContinue))
          Procedure OnSelectSuggestion String sSearch tSuggestion Suggestion
            Forward Send OnSelectSuggestion sSearch Suggestion
            RowID riRow
            Move (DeserializeRowID(Suggestion.sRowId)) to riRow
            If (not(IsNullRowID(riRow))) Begin
              Send Clear of Invt_DD
              Send FindByRowId of Invt_DD Invt.File_Number riRow
Now to replicate the issue, I've attached 2 source files for you to use. Note that the dialog that I created used the exact same code as the Order.vw source, the only difference is that it is in a dbModalPanel object.


To Replicate:

1. Add the TestView.vw source to the Order Entry Workspace
2. Run Order Entry
3. Navigate to the TestView
4. Press the Open Dialog button
5. Type in "ACE" in the Item ID column in the grid
6. A suggestion list should show up, Select the an item from the list

MSG_ACTIVATE (117) - NULL (1221) - at address 2258
MSG_MOUSE_CHANGE_FOCUS (251) - DESKTOP (2) - in native code
MSG_MOUSE_DOWN (259) - NULL (1221) - in native code
MSG_CREATE_DIALOG (711) - oGridDialogWithSuggestionColumn (895) - in native code
MSG_CREATE_DIALOG (711) - oGridDialogWithSuggestionColumn (895) - at address 1490
MSG_ACTIVATE (117) - oGridDialogWithSuggestionColumn (895) - in native code
MSG_ACTIVATE (117) - oGridDialogWithSuggestionColumn (895) - at address 2258
MSG_ACTIVATE (117) - oGridDialogWithSuggestionColumn (895) - at address 15338
MSG_POPUP (290) - oGridDialogWithSuggestionColumn (895) - in native code
MSG_POPUP_MODAL (4309) - oGridDialogWithSuggestionColumn (895) - at address 1435
MSG_ONCLICK (4641) - oShowDialogBtn (1203) - at address 89037
MSG_COMMAND (648) - oShowDialogBtn (1203) - in native code
[start] - at address 89050