Hi Everyone,

These days, I have many DF systems installed, and it's getting to the point where I feel I need to join the many who have converted their databases to SQL.

I currently have a leaning towards using MYSQL and would love to hear people's bias in respect to which "version" of SQL that they believe is better - hopefully with reasons why too.

No doubt, as I get closer to converting entirely to SQL, I will have other questions, but for the moment, while I use, for example, pure 4-digit year dates and 24-hour time (4-digit ASCII, i.e., 0215, 1648), how does SQL, specifically, treat dates. For example, does it have a date field, or does it use a datetime field with functions being used to "extract" the individual components in the form of date and time.

It should also be known that I've always used dates and my 4-digit ASCII times and my own custom set of functions to test the validity, do calculations, time spans, etc...

I suppose, at some stage, I should convert to using DF's datetime functions, and to me, the logically time to do this is AFTER I convert to SQL.

Opinions please.