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Thread: Do I need a service, or would something simpler suffice - Part 2

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    A short history of this company and the apps that are operating within it.

    2 x Webapp (Activity Logging = 7MB exe, Job logging = 5MB exe)
    4 x Winapp (Main application just sitting below 20MB using about 250,000 lines of code with around 100 data files - some with in excess of half a million records)

    DF =
    DR =
    Chilkat = 9.5

    The winapp handles all administrative activities, i.e., invoicing, payments, payroll, shares, document handling and many other operational tasks.
    All apps are password protected.
    Server: Fileserver, Mail/Exchange server, Web server (which also hosts its own website - which I also wrote)

    40 shareholders out in the field. They use one webapp for job logging. These are later turned into invoices via the winapp.

    12 employees with 4 located in one part of the state and the remaining 8 employees located in yet another part of the state. They use the other webapp for activity logging.

    Administration office: 4 employees. 3 of them (including the managing director) use the main winapp. BOS.exe is simply part of the main winapp which uses a couple of views and reports for exclusive use by the MD. Quite separate, there is an event manager and FAID manager (employee/shareholder fatigue management)

    Basic invoicing was originally done back in the early 80's using DF 2.2b. This was later expanded upon using 2.3b, DataFlex for Windows, Visual DataFlex and then more recently DF. Not sure of all the dates.

    So, I've been associated with the company since the early 80's and except for the person who wrote the original invoicing app in 2.2b, I've developed everything from there.

    The company itself is a very very old company established back in the 1800's. It does not sell commodities, but services and has an approximate monthly income of $2,000,000 - more or less. It has it's own fleet of cars, water craft and perhaps soon, 2 or 3 helicopters.
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