DataFlex Reports is at this moment an ANSI application so all strings are ANSI and as such used. Which ANSI version is based on the defined ANSI codepage. AFAIK Sweden uses Windows-1252.

DataFlex Reports uses the ZINT library for the barcodes. Data from DataFlex Reports is passed in DATA_MODE (which is Zint's default input mode) and this stands for Latin-1 (Windows-1252) and binary data. DataFlex Reports does not really support binary data (the binary option is for images as base64 encoded format) so the barcodes will be based on Latin-1 data. Zint sets an ECI mode based on the data by "guessing".

If your barcode scanner expects the data to be in Unicode format this would cause a problem as only the first 127 bytes of ASCII (OEM) and ANSI are the same. The å, ä and ö are extended characters.

Now as you might know we are working on a 64 bit Unicode version of DataFlex Reports (v8); in there we will make sure that all data gets passed in as UTF-16 and then it should all be fine. Let's keep fingers crossed and let's do a good test if we are ready for testing.