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Thread: Marking records as deleted rather than physically deleting them

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    Default Re: Marking records as deleted rather than physically deleting them

    Ok guys, lol.

    This is in a Header/Detail type view. I do use Creating, Update and Backout in the grid to save the creation date, the last edited date as well as a running total for the header. This running total must also adjust itself accordingly. For example, at the moment, when I do an actual delete (as opposed to just marking the record as deleted), everything works perfectly. Naturally, I don't want to upset any of this processing except that when I mark the record as deleted I will wish the backout to still function accordingly.

    For the time being I'm still using embedded DF files, although it is my plan to update all my apps over the next 2 years to use SQL - possibly MySQL seems the likely candidate at the moment.

    As far as audit trails, I have one rather large file which I save all changes to via a coding system which I've built up over the years. Unfortunately, it doesn't perform a perfect audit trail in respect to save all fields from every file, but it does save the most important ones so that a clear picture can be established of what the users have been doing while operating the software. But then, all this is another story completely.

    Oh, I should mention that I never permit a user to do permanent-type physical deletions. All records are always marked as deleted. It's just that I wish to change the way I present a delete to the user.
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