I have created a shortcut on the remote desktop for the users.
http: //localhost/BitumenSnurra/Index.html
Can you see anything wrong with this code

   { WebProperty=Server }
    Property String PsFiltertyp 'Varmt'

    Object oAsfaltverk_DD is a cAsfaltverkDataDictionary
        Set DDO_Server to oTyp_DD
        Set pbUseDDSQLFilters to True
        Procedure OnConstrain
            String sFilterTyp
            WebGet PsFiltertyp of oTonInmat  to sFilterTyp
            If (sFilterTyp = "" )   Constrain Asfaltverk.TypId ne "" 
            If (sFilterTyp <> "" )  Constrain Asfaltverk.TypId  eq sFiltertyp

   Object oTyp is a cWebCombo
        Set pbServerOnChange to True
        Set psValue to 0
        Set piColumnSpan to 6

        Procedure OnFill
            Forward Send OnFill
            Send AddComboItem '' " "Alla"
            Send AddComboItem "Varmt" "Varmt"
            Send AddComboItem "Halvvarmt" "Halvvarmt"
            Send AddComboItem "Bitumen" "Bitumen"

        Procedure OnChange String sNewValue String sOldValue
            Number nFilter nAr nRegion
            String sland
            Forward Send OnChange sNewValue sOldValue
                WebGet pnFilterAr of oTonInmat to nAr
                WebGet psFilterLand of oTonInmat  to sLand
                WebGet pnFilterRegion of oTonInmat  to nRegion
                WebSet psValue of oRegion to nRegion
                WebSet psValue of oAren to nAr
                WebSet psValue of oLand to sLand
                Set PsFiltertyp to sNewValue
                WebSet psValue of oTyp to sNewValue
                Send RebuildAllConstraints of oAsfaltverk_DD //oTyp_DD
                Send FindDDRecordInBuffer of oWebGrid1