It is fess up time! I must have been having a senior moment, but it was somewhat a 'hidden' issue. In converting to SQL we had to change the Crystal Reports to reference the SQL server and tables. In doing this we decided to move the reports to their own "Reports" folder (out of the 'Data' folder where they had been). In doing this we had to add an additional path to the DataPath so the reports could be found. Adding this additional path in the DataPath broke the Http Request. This Request sends a file back that we store in the Data Folder. As such we have to set the property in the Http object to tell it where to store the downloaded file. As we were getting psDataPath as part of the string to set the downloaded path, the semicolon and additional path caused the problem! When we recognized this and now use PathatIndex of hoWorkspace it works fine.

Sorry about stirring up a "non" issue! But I hope this explanation may spare anyone else the aggravation!