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    Default REST Articles

    Hi all

    I have just published a series (it started as one, but got far too long ) of blog articles on our web site on the subject of REST (they were originally published on the DataFlex Wiki). They are:

    1. RESTful Service Theory
    2. RESTful Services in DataFlex
    3. Consuming RESTful Services in DataFlex
    4. Creating RESTful Services in DataFlex
    5. A Simple RESTful Service in DataFlex
    6. Using the DataFlex REST Library

    Hopefully these will make clear how to approach the various aspects of RESTful services in DataFlex and help answer some of the questions which have come up here and elsewhere (especially those of Edgar H. Peña C. - Edgar, please take note).

    Articles 3, 5 and 6 contain extensive source code which you should be able to copy and paste into the DataFlex Studio (instructions for that are in the articles) to see the various mechanisms working and adapt them to your own requirements for consuming and creating RESTful services.

    Comments and corrections are welcome.

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