In a previous discussion here it is mentioned that skinning of certain objects (dbContainer3d) doesn't work correctly in DataFlex 19.0 and 19.1. I have made a ticket in Helpdesk Express (6380) for it. After some testing I found out that using the file cCJComSkinFramework.pkg from DataFlex 18.2 solves the problem. Actually the program is using CodeJock 18.3.0 for everything except skinning. This uses CodeJock 16.4.0. This isn't an ideal situation, but AFAIK it works. See screenshots.

In the releasenotes op CodeJock there are a lot of changes for skinning. For CodeJock 17.3.0 is mentioned "Transparent border around skinned controls which have WS_BORDER style fixed".

Whatever it is, I would like to see that Data Access and/or CodeJock solves this problem.

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