Here's what I'm thinking can be done until DAW either makes DF compatible with this setting, OR, automatically compiles within every programme (Webapps included) that there is a compatibility problem and then aborts, is to release a package via this forum which is also included within another package which get loaded within both Winapps and Webapps.

Conceivably, it could popup a dialogue and let the user know of the exact problem; to consult their administrator, etc... I believe that doing it this way would minimize any "panic" or other emotions, i.e., that DF and/or your software is a suspect product.

What I would need to know is that if this checkbox is unchecked from a checked state, would it impact other software or Windows itself for that matter. If not, the dialogue that I've mentioned above, could even start Control Panel or better still, uncheck the checkbox and restart Windoze.