Hi everyone

[DF 19.1, desktop web application]

I’m creating a web view to complete the user’s registration process. This view has pbLoginModeEnforced set to False, since the user has no account yet.

The web application has peApplicationStateMode set to asmHistoryAndUrls, so we can send the user an activation URL and get the activation token with CustomStateHash.

This is the relevant code in that view:

Object oRegistrationWebView is a cWebView
    Set piWidth to 700
    Set psCaption to "RegistrationWebView"

    Set psStateViewName to "Registration"
    Set pbLoginModeEnforced to False
    Function AllowAccess Returns Boolean
        String sToken
        Get CustomStateHash of Self to sToken
        If (sToken<>"") Begin
            Send ShowInfoBox sToken
            Function_Return True
        Else Begin
            Function_Return False
    Object oWebMainPanel is a cWebPanel
In oWebApp, these are the relevant properties:

    Set peLoginMode to lmLoginRequired
    Set peApplicationStateMode to asmHistoryAndUrls
When I access the URL:


AllowAccess in the view gets called, the message with the token 12345 is shown and it returns True. However, the login dialog is still shown.

Is there anything beyond setting peLoginMode in oWebApp and pbLoginModeEnforced in the view that I’m missing?

Thanks very much