Hi ajmsrs,

You may have likely solved this problem by now, but if not or anyone else has stumbled across this and would like to achieve this then please see below.

You will need to add the "Authorization" header to the cHttpTransfer object.
The value is "Basic <Base64 Encoded with padding result of user:password>"

For example, using the basic auth test API on this page:

Username: postman
Password: password

In Notepad++, type in postman:password then select the text (avoid any spaces etc) -> Plugins -> MIME Tools -> Base 64 Encode with padding.
Then you have the encoded Base64 value ready to send in the header: Basic cG9zdG1hbjpwYXNzd29yZA==

Example code:

Function AddHeader String sHeaderName String sHeaderValue Returns Integer
            // Add Authorization header -> "Basic user:password(Base64 Encode with padding)"
            Get AddHeader of hoHttp "Authorization" "Basic cG9zdG1hbjpwYXNzd29yZA==" to iRes
EDIT: Didn't realise there were responses here. (Threaded view :P). Sorry to dig this up.