So I have an key handler in my webbpage:

Procedure InfoKey Integer iKeyCode Boolean bShift Boolean bAlt Boolean bCtrl
            Send ScanBarcode of oBarcode 
        WebPublishProcedure InfoKey
        Procedure OnLoad
            Send AddKeyHandler (RefProc(InfoKey)) 40 False False False
            Send AddKeyHandler (RefProc(InfoKey)) 13 False False False
and in ScanBarcode I have:

      Procedure ScanBarcode                String sValue 
                Integer iOffset iHangtag iAgreement iOrder 
                WebGet psValue of Self to sValue
the problem is that the value of sValue pulled back by web get is often several characters short of what is displayed in the form on the screen. (I'll Get 14041G instead of 14041G2, or sometimes just 14041)

It seems exclusive to the barcode scanners, on IOS, as in I have not seen this on keyboard entry.

Any bells ringing?