It is however inconsistent with the naming of other variable types in DataFlex. =)

The "DataFlex way" is to prefix with the type, so this should go for arrays too. "iValue" for an Integer and "sValue" for a String does make it intuitive to use "iaValues" for an Integer[] and "saValues" for String[]. IMnsHO Data Access did a mistake in selecting their conventions when they introduced arrays.

Same with the naming of structs, "tStruct". Types should not be prefixed, variables should. So the intuitive way would be "MyStruct" and "tMyVariable".

Vincent brought up Address, but what's the ratio of arrays vs. Address' in typical DataFlex code? 100:1? 1000:1? Array gets preference. But also, an array always has an element type, so you can use "aValue" for an Address and "iaValues" for an Integer[] without conflict. That makes "aaValues" for an Address[]. =)