I have a cCjGrid with 4 columns, the first 2 are not editable, the last 2 under conditions. In these last 2 columns only 1 may contain a value (numeric). So in the cCJGridColumn I use Function OnEntering to check if entry in this column is allowed. For column number 2 (the 3rd column) I retrieve the value of column number 3 with the SelectRowValue and if that value is non 0 the function returns True.

Navigating to the cell where I should be refused entry works fine using a single click from the mouse or keyboard navigation. However, after the function fires the entry is denied, but the row keeps the focus. If I double click on the cell at that time the OnEntering doesn't fire and entry is allowed.

How can I prevent entering of this cell thru the mouse?


Leon Raafs