Hi DataAccess,

Since 19.1 the manifest files can be embedded in the exe files. Love it, so thanks for that!

In those manifest files, we add the COM information of all the ActiveX controls we use. We've been doing that for a long time now. So ActiveX controls do never have to be registered anymore on our customer computers.

We also deploy dbExplorer to our customers. Some persons are allowed to use it.
In the past we added the Codejock COM information to the dbExplorer manifest file ourselves.

But since 19.1 you embed the manifest file in the dbExplorer.exe but the COM information is missing?
Because of that our customers get to see COM errors when they start dbExplorer.

Vincent told us we could prevent that from happening by registering the controls again, but we don't want to go back in time.

Could you please provide us all with a new dbExplorer.exe and dbBuilder.exe in which all COM information is included in the manifest files?