Testing of SPLF.
3 new computers installed vdf 19.1 eval lic, copy the workspace to all PCs and run the application on all computers.
Application and SQL works.

Disable all firewall options. Remove the applications in WAS and remove sites in Inetmgr on all PCs.

Add on PC 1 application in WAS as Load Balancing Master Node.
Add application on PC 2 in WAS as Load Balancing Slave Node.
On Pc 3 equal to 2
On PC 2 and 3 configuration server options, this machine can act as a slave node and add TCP / IP port and IP address of pc1.
The problem is that PC 2 works, but PC 3 does not, so on PC 1 I only see the slave node processes from PC 2 and not from PC 3.
If power off PC 2, the web application will also be stopped.
How can I test what goes wrong on PC 3.