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Same answer for all revisions of Visual DataFlex and DataFlex - it can not be offered for download. As Michael mentioned, for non-commercial software it can be distributed with the DataFlex Personal license - the website and license agreement provides all the stipulations for appropriate use of the Personal license.

thx for your Answer...

I now installed VDF7 with Serial# : 380951

and I read about licensing in Installation Guide:
Visual DataFlex 7 is licensed per developer, although multi-user
applications may be developed, tested, and deployed under this
license. The licensing of the Visual DataFlex development system
authorizes you to copy, as “Redistributable Components,” files that
are documented in the "Redistributable Components" section of this
Guide. These Redistributable Components will allow your compiled
Visual DataFlex applications to be distributed, royalty-free,
for use in production environments.

I think this allows free downloads,
of course with this reglements:

Redistributable Components
You may redistribute those files that this section of the SOFTWARE
PRODUCT documentation identifies as REDISTRIBUTABLE
COMPONENTS so long as: 1). You only distribute the
RESDISTRIBUTABLE COMPONENTS with software you create; 2).
You do not alter Data Access Corporation's copyright notice on
distribute REDISTRIBUTABLE COMPONENTS with software that
you create that bears a copyright notice, you also include the words
"Portions copyright Data Access Corporation" in the same location,
type size and style as your copyright notice.
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