I have some queries regarding the Synergy MySQL & DataFlex presentation.

  1. Driver: Will the driver function from a Windows client and where the MySQL database is located on a Linux server e.g. Ubuntu? The cost would drop again?
  2. Performance Slide. There was no legend as to what the numbers meant. X-axis I can see relates to the test no. Is Y-axis the number of records read and is it for a given time period i.e. 60 seconds?
  3. Test Slide. Are any of these tests based on using DDO server structures i.e. Send Find Of … and Send Request_Read Of … etc? If not, I think it is important that these are added to the test list and profiled.
  4. Mr. Gingy. Is he available for training ? I'd love my Indi to open the bar fridge and bring us a beer at the end of the day.