Having been inspired by the Video on using MySQL etc. I have converted one of my databases to MySQL for testing. I must say I'm impressed by its performance.
I've now turned my attention to using SQL Filters and have run into a problem which appears to be in the SQLStrLike function (19.1). I have a Webapp with a simple, single table Grid. At the top of the Grid panel I have a form with a prompt into which I can type some search characters to load an SQL filter in the On_Constrain procedure. Using SQLStrLike it doesn't work. Writing the filter manually does. This is the test code:
    Object oCustomer_DD is a cCUSTOMERDataDictionary
        Set pbUseDDSQLFilters to True
        Procedure OnConstrain
            String sUseSQLStrLike sUseManualLike sSearchStr
            Integer iFile iField
            Get Main_File                           to iFile
            Field_Map iFile "NAME"                  to iField
            WebGet psValue of oFilter               to sSearchStr
        Move "WINE" to sSearchStr
            Get SQLStrLike iField sSearchStr        to sUseSQLStrLike
            Constrain CUSTOMER.STATUS eq "A" 
            Move ("NAME LIKE '%"+sSearchStr+"%'")   to sUseManualLike
            Set psSQLFilter                         to sUseSQLStrLike     // List is Blank
            Set psSQLFilter                         to sUseManualLike     // Filter works
Notice that the SQLStrLike filter has double quotes around the field name while the manual code doesn't. Those quotes around the field name prevent the filter from working.
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Of course, if the Search function which is built into the Grid did a full text search in javascript on the browser (lightning fast) instead of just looking at the first word (like we did in the 1980's), I wouldn't need to bother with doing it this way.