the Defaults for the Field delimiter and separator are the wrong way round in cDRReport.pkg

from the source code
 // Returns defaults for exporting to CSV    
Function DefaultCSVExportOptions Returns DRCSVExportOptions
        DRCSVExportOptions CSVExportOptions

        Move '"' to CSVExportOptions.cFieldSeparator //this is wrong
        Move ',' to CSVExportOptions.cFieldDelimiter // this is wrong
        Move False to CSVExportOptions.bExportGroupSections
        Move False to CSVExportOptions.bExportPageSections
        Move False to CSVExportOptions.bExportReportSections
        Move True to CSVExportOptions.bAllPages
        Move 1 to CSVExportOptions.iPage

        Function_Return CSVExportOptions