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Thread: DUF 2.1.1: DUF deletes columns, tables and indexes?

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    Default DUF 2.1.1: DUF deletes columns, tables and indexes?


    Anyone knows if DUF can handle column, table and index deletion when the pkg generated with DUFCodeGenerator.exe is used? (So I don't have to use ApiColumnRemove)

    I think the answer is no... at least column deletion is marked as commented at ApiColumnsUpdate function.

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    Default Re: DUF 2.1.1: DUF deletes columns, tables and indexes?

    Hi Jose,

    Hmm, I can't remember why I remarked that passage in the ApiColumnsUpdate function. But it might have been while I run into problems updating an SQL server database with an auto-generated package from DUFCodeGenerator, but I'm not sure.

    If you like you're more than welcome to remove the remarks and test it. Can you do that?
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