The new cWebHttpHandler is great. I'm very happy with it.

For our HL7 webservices I transformed the old index.asp to the new WebHttphandler and it works great.
I also found out it has a great advantage over the old code. Because the webhttphandler is a procedure and not a function, you can do stuff after "send output...."

But two things are really missing.

You can do
Get RequestDataString, you can put this in an XML (Get LoadXML of hoXmlIn sMessageXmlIn) but you have to change the argumentsize for bigger data.

You can do
Get RequestDataUchar, but you cannnot put this directly in an XMLDocument

Why isn't there a function Get RequestDataVariant (which you can follow with a get LoadXmlFromVariant)

The same with output. There is no function send outputVariant so you can do send outputVariant (pvXml (hoXml))

So nice work, but a request for a future version of the cWebHttpHandler:
RequestDataVariant and OutputVariant

Regards, IJmert van Gorsel