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Thread: DUF 2.1.1: UtilTableOpen error when creating relationship

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    Default DUF 2.1.1: UtilTableOpen error when creating relationship


    I am using embedded database and DF 19.0 in this test project.
    I have created two tables and a relationship between them, which is not working. All the changes are done, except the relationship.
    When I try to update the structure at "production" I get this error:

    [Err No:] [pnVersionNumber:] [Status Text:]
        4105                  2 [ErrLine: 93125]    (Table.Field: 2.3)
    Error trigers at cDbUpdateFunctionLibrary.pkg, function UtilTableOpen

        Function UtilTableOpen Integer hTable String sTableName Integer iMode Returns Boolean
            String sDriverID sConnection sSchema sExt sTableNameShort sTableNameOrg
            Boolean bOpen bMertechDriver bOK
            tSQLConnection SQLConnection
            Move sTableName to sTableNameOrg
            If (hTable > 0) Begin
                Send Ignore_Error of Error_Object_Id 20529
                Send Ignore_Error of Error_Object_Id DFERR_CANT_OPEN_DATA_FILE
                Send Ignore_Error of Error_Object_Id CLIERR_CONNECTIONIDNOTFOUND
                Open hTable Mode iMode
                Send Trap_Error of Error_Object_Id 20529
                Send Trap_Error of Error_Object_Id DFERR_CANT_OPEN_DATA_FILE
                Send Trap_Error of Error_Object_Id CLIERR_CONNECTIONIDNOTFOUND
                Get_Attribute DF_FILE_OPENED of hTable to bOpen
                If (bOpen = True) Begin
                    Function_Return True
            Get UtilTableOpenAsIntFile hTable sTableName iMode to bOK
            Get_Attribute DF_FILE_OPENED of hTable to bOpen
            Function_Return bOpen
    I have attached a test program.
    You have to change the library path and then compile.
    I am using DUF 2.1.1 and I have overwrite it with the AppSrc folder that Nils sent me back in day, plus the pkg that sent me through mail.

    Attached Files Attached Files
    I know, I have to learn a lot of things (english the first thing...)

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