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Thread: cWebColumnLink doesn't appear to always have a row id

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    Default Re: cWebColumnLink doesn't appear to always have a row id

    Hi Wil,

    Samuel just got the logic inverted. Still, I have noticed that when I test for AppSynching, the constraints don't get rebuilt.

    What I mean by this, is that as a job is "finalised", it should disappear from the grid, but it doesn't, and this is what is leading me to believe that AppSynching is stopping the constraints from being rebuilt. As soon as I "comment out" AppSynching to stop AppSynching being tested, the constaints are rebuilt and the finalised jobs disappear from the grid.

    The commented out part does not work, but the "If (GetChecked(oHistory(Self)) = False) Constrain Scheddtl.FINALISED eq "N"" does work:
             Procedure OnConstrain
                If (GetChecked(oHistory(Self)) = False) Constrain Scheddtl.FINALISED eq "N"
    //            Boolean bChecked bSynching            
    //            Get AppSynching to bSynching 
    //            If (not(bSynching)) Begin 
    //                Get GetChecked of oHistory to bChecked
    //                If (bChecked = False) Constrain Scheddtl.Finalised eq "N"
    //            End
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