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Thread: cWebColumnLink doesn't appear to always have a row id

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    Default Re: cWebColumnLink doesn't appear to always have a row id

    Thank you Samuel. It was good to know that I am getting the idea, but your solution, which I haven't tested yet appears to be, not only neater, but a more logical approach.

    Oh, I should have mentioned that I have heard of AppSynching. I'm still learning where and when I need to use it though.

    I've tried your version of doing away with pbActiveJobs, and it works, but only if I don't check for AppSynching. Hmmm...

    Procedure OnConstrain Boolean bChecked bSynching Get AppSynching to bSynching If (not(bSynching)) Begin Get GetChecked of oHistory to bChecked If (bChecked = True) Constrain Scheddtl.Finalised eq "N" End End_Procedure
    This works perfectly:
            Procedure OnConstrain
                If (GetChecked(oHistory(Self)) = False) Constrain Scheddtl.FINALISED eq "N"
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