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Thread: cWebColumnLink doesn't appear to always have a row id

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    Default cWebColumnLink doesn't appear to always have a row id


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    I've got a pretty standard header/detail arrangement whereby when the Webapp is started, the header gets the focus.

    In the cWebGrid I have a few normal data aware columns and at the end of each row I have a cWebColumnLink. This is used to popup a cWebModalDialog. Data is sent to the dialogue from the grid via cWebColumnLink's OnClick String sRowId String sCellValue. Data is also retrieved from the dialog for the grid, although this part works perfectly.

    The problem is that if the header has the focus and I then click on the link, quite often data (in my case, sRowId) is not being sent to the dialogue.

    Alternatively, quite often sRowId will have the incorrect row id if the focus was on another row.

    I should also mention that on my development PC everything, (for the most part at least) works as expected. The real trouble starts when I copy the Webapp onto the web server. On the web server, unless the current row already has the focus prior to the link being clicked, the row id will almost always be the row prior to the link being clicked. Also, if the prior focus was the header, (IsNullRowId(DeserializedRowId(sRowId))) will almost always be True - it's therefore not even parsing a row id in this case.
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