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Thread: cDbCJGrid - How to stop the next line executing.

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    Default cDbCJGrid - How to stop the next line executing.

    Hi Guys,

    I come across this problem every now and then, although most of the time, I end up rectifying the problem.

    Anyway, long story short: I wish to run an external program. The external programme starts as expected, but the Send UserError executes at the same time. How do I stop this.

    I've literally tried everything, so hoping someone might have a bright idea how to stop it happening.

        Object oeTicketingWebsite is a cCommandLinkButton
            Set Label to "eTicketing"
            Set Size to 29 120
            Set Location to 419 715
            Set Skip_State to True
            Set psNote to "Go to eTicketing website."
            Set psImage to "PPSP Logo.ico"
            Set piImageSize to 32
            Procedure OnClick
                Runprogram Shell Wait SYSFILE.eTicket_Website
                Send UserError "Any eTicket changes will now be updated.\nPress OK to continue..."
                Send RefreshDataFromDD of oTripTmpGrid 0
                Send Activate of oTripTmpGrid
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