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Thread: DUF 2.1.1: UtilIndexTempRenameSQLName error

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    Default DUF 2.1.1: UtilIndexTempRenameSQLName error


    I am using embedded database and DF 19.0 in this test project.
    I have created a new table with 3 fields and two index.
    When I try to update the structure at "production" I get this error:

    [Err No:] [pnVersionNumber:] [Status Text:]
    72 2 Tablenumber = -16386, Source = API.Structure_Start [ErrLine: 90319] (Table.Field: 2.3)
    [Err No:] [pnVersionNumber:] [Status Text:]
    4110 2 [ErrLine: 90322] (Table.Field: 2.3)
    I have attached a test program.
    You have to change the library path and then compile.
    If you run from Studio you are going to see an acces memory violation, if you run outside Studio program stops working.
    I am using DUF 2.1.1 and I have overwrite it with the AppSrc folder that Nils sent me today.

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    I know, I have to learn a lot of things (english the first thing...)

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