I suggest that on Initializing the report and pbShowStatusPanel=True then a warning message be displayed for users saying: "Flashing StatusPanel may cause epileptic seizures - look away now"

OK, Seriously...

The DRStatusPanel flashes at least 3-5 times while printing a report.. why?

Activation / deactivation

  1. OpenReport: StatusPanel loaded saying "Loading report please wait" then immediately deactivates
  2. RefreshReport: StatusPanel activate again, and displays "Reading Records" and then deactivates
  3. DisplayReport: StatusPanel activate again, and displays "Formatting Pages" or "Printing..." and then deactivates
  4. --OR- PrintReport: StatusPanel activate again, and displays "Printing..." and then deactivates

Actual suggestion:

Why not just leave it displayed while the report runs and only deactivate it once at the "end" ?

This is not merely a cosmetic change request, but the rapid activation/deactivation tends to have weird outcomes if the application is run as an remoteapp. We have found instances where the statuspanel is 'stuck' although the deactivate message had been sent.