If you select the datepicker from a cWebDateForm on mobile (iPhone) device, the datepicker shows todays date rather than the value from the cWebDateForm.

This happens when pbHtml5NativeOnMobile is set to true (the default), and the native mobile datepicker is shown.
If pbHtml5NativeOnMobile is set to false, the DF WebDatepicker is shown, and the value from the cWebDateForm is displayed on activation of the datepicker.

I tested this to be a problem on iPhone5 and iPhone6. On iPad it works as expected, not displaying todays date on the native mobile datepicker.

(and one thing more..):
When the DF datepicker is activated on iPhone5, it can happen that the position of the datepicker does not allow all rows of weeks to be visible on the screen. The last week displays outside of the screen. (looks like the datepicker tries to position itself relative to the WebDateForm). Turning the iPhone to landscape mode forces the datepicker to reposition itself, and all weeks are visible. Now turning the iPhone back to portrait, the datepicker will position itself at the top of the screen, also making all rows visible.

DF version 19.1 Theme Df_Flat_Touch