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    Default Dot notation

    At Synergy (2019), during the "Talk with the Experts" session, there was considerable enthusiasm around the subject of being able to use Dot Notation in DataFlex.

    I confess that I am not clear what this means, but I am guessing that it refers to being able to access objects and properties using it, so that:
        Move (psSomeProperty(oSomeObject(oOtherObject(Self)))) to sSomeVariable
        Get psSomeProperty of (oSomeObject(oOtherObject(Self))) to sSomeVariable
    could be written:
        Move oOtherObject.oSomeObject.psSomeProperty to sSomeVariable
        Get psSomeProperty of oOtherObject.oSomeObject to sSomeVariable
    So... questions...

    1. Is this what is meant?
    2. What would be the advantage of such a thing? (OK, it is slightly shorter, in that it omits "Self" and some of the parentheses.)

    Is it just that it would look more familiar to programmers from other languages, or is there something I am missing?

    Is it clearer to read? (And I could see that it might be.)

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