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Thread: DFRefactor 3.1.0: IN -> Contains function broke Insert command

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    Default Re: DFRefactor 3.1.0: IN -> Contains function broke Insert command


    Leon I'm not quite following how you can get these issues with the code from the posted zip.
    Did you unzip it on top of the old code and forgot to recompile perhaps?

    re. IN to CONTAINS refactoring. This functionality was disabled after internal debate by both Nils and me.
    The refactoring was an experiment implemented via regex by Marco in order to see how it would work for us.
    While regular expressions are very very powerful and work in a lot of scenarios. We came to the conclusion that it wouldn't work as a solution for DfRefactor.
    Reasons being that a regex expression is hard to understand if you haven't used them in a while. So debugging and patching specific behavior takes too much of our time due to readability issues. We did not want to support it and as a result we had no choice but to disable it.
    However, we do recognize that it is a powerful option to have so we intend to bring it back, but in a different way. A solution that has more flexibility and that we intend to support.

    Basically by adding a search & replace dialog that supports regular expressions. Then this idea could still be used by power users.
    See also:

    re. missing returns. I'm pretty sure I fixed that one

    PS: added your note about contains/in messing up comments to
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