Hi Harm,

Honestly, I don't know exactly what's going on here. I have Edge, FireFox, Chrome and SRWare Iron (uses Chrome "kernal" as I understand) installed on my development PC.

Long story short, I uploaded a heavily modified version of one of my WebApps to my client's server and it had no problem with the <Enter> key. I therefore changed my focus to my development PC and cleared all caches, cookies, history, etc... - in fact, anything I could find that involved "resetting" a browser.

Thank goodness, the <Enter> now works in all of these browsers. Oh, a couple of the browsers, I had to TOTALLY uninstall (including any folders they use) and success - the <Enter> works in them too.

I'd love to know what the problem was, but in truth, I'll probably never know. Grrrr....

Thank you for all your help Harm.