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Thread: cWebColumnSuggestion - <Enter> not working, but the mouse does.

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    Default cWebColumnSuggestion - <Enter> not working, but the mouse does.

    Hi guys,

    I've had some minor problems with column suggestion objects and Harm was very kind in offering a fix for it, even though it only occurred within certain browsers, i.e., FireFox, Edge. Chrome was ok.

    I thought I had tested the fix thoroughly, but due to me needing to migrate quite a few win and web apps from 18.2 to 19.1, I've missed that the <Enter> key does not work when choosing a suggestion. The mouse works fine, as does the up and down arrow. IMO, the <Enter> key offers faster entry of data, rather than having to swap back and forward between the keyboard and the mouse.

    cWebSuggestionForm works perfectly, BTW, and has never been an issue.

    I did have this posted within another thread I posted and decided that it would get more views by putting this small problem as a separate thread, so apologies if anyone has seen this twice.
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