Hi guys,

I've migrated all my win and web apps from 18.2 to 19.1. Naturally, I need to go through all of them and test them for correct operation.

One thing I have already noticed is that if a skin is selected, whether hardcoded or via (in my case) a skinning selector available from a pulldown Tools menu, there is a problem with "repainting the screen". For example, if a selection list is popped up over the currently displayed view, or another view is displayed over the top of another view, some colours and lines are left behind on the view beneath. It was fine in 18.2, but not so in 19.1. While I realise there have been big changes with 19.1, is there going to be a fix for this, or is skinning simply not supported any more???

Some of my clients rather like to be able to choose their own skin theme, so it would be rather disappointing to have to inform them that it no longer available.