I have a potential new client who will run a VDF17 application, on 6 old client PCs, data files would be on a old windows' server, but he wants to use a newer server for that new application, and keep his old server for his older application.
SO he wants to buy a new server, but changing to a new server will require new client computers, and owner not thrilled by the perspective of such a cost.

A company contacted me through a common friend, and told me we can set up a single instance of the application on a 'cloud' server (windows 2019 standard) to which different low-end clients (desktop computers, laptops, even tablets) will be able to connect and run the application at the same time, and the cost for this kind of solution would be a fraction of the cost to entirely replace the hardware client has so far.

They set up 2 logins for me to test the solution, so I installed VDF's client run time, and the application from the 1st connection/login and the application indeed ran as expected.
I then logged in using the 2nd connection he set up for me, the credentials used have full administrator rights just like the 1st connection, and I thought that just placing a shortcut on the desktop, would be enough to run the application as 'another' user, but the application doesn't run, I am getting an error message "Invalid VDF17 Registration Code"
The license I am using is a run time license for VDF17, for up to 20 users.

The registration files are where they should be, I gave explicitly access to all the needed folders to 'Everyone' with full rights, the second VM login cannot run the app.
I tried re-installing the run time from that 2nd login to the VM, still getting the same error message.

I am sure this should somehow be do-able, but it seems I am missing something important. How should that installation be done, to allow different connections to that single VM/server to run the application.
We tried other apps (other EXE files, they had no issue running)

Thank you for any ideas or suggestions...


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