Hi All,

Having recently seen the cost of an SQL server for customer using Microsoft SQL, we decided to have a look at MySQL to see if will work for us.

I downloaded the most recent version of MySQL and Dataflex 19.1 and began to play a little.

I've managed to get everything converted over but am having a problem with Finds on files. (I'm sure its because I haven't set things up properly)

I'll try and explain as best i can.

for example (from a test workspace):

Open Users
Clear Users
Find gt Users by recnum
While (Found)
    Open GROUP
    Clear GROUP
    Move Users.GROUP to GROUP.GROUP
    Find eq GROUP by Index.1 // GROUP
    If (Found);
            Send Info_Box ("Found " + (Trim(GROUP.DESC)) + " For User " + (Trim(Users.NAME)))
    Find gt Users by recnum
So we're just looping through a users file, finding the GROUP for that user and displaying the description.

This obviously works with the embedded database.

However when I convert to MySQL (we convert at Recnum tables), the line:

    Move Users.GROUP to GROUP.GROUP
causes a problem. The find on the file doesn't seem to work.

If I trim the Users.GROUP, like this:

    Move (Trim(Users.GROUP)) to GROUP.GROUP
It does work. So maybe it's the white space on the end of the users.group column causing the issue.

Have I done something wrong in my setup? or is there something I'm missing? Should this work in MySQL?

The only thing I can remember changing when installing MySQL was a settings to do with lower casing table names.

Hopefully there is an easy answer for this.

Thanks in advance.