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Thread: Updating from 18.2 to 19.1 the cWebColumnSuggestion is playing up

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    Default Updating from 18.2 to 19.1 the cWebColumnSuggestion is playing up

    Hi Guys,

    The 19.1 version is not behaving itself when it comes to cWebColumnSuggestion objects. The problem is that when the suggestions appear, if I don't select one of the suggestions by pressing Enter (or by using the mouse), but instead, use the Tab key to go to the next column, the suggestion list does not automatically "roll up" like it use to. It just stays on the screen … Grrrrr.

    I should also mention that cWebSuggestionForms work perfectly.

    To get to the bottom of the problem, I commented the complete OnFindSuggestions procedure so it would just use its defaults and still, the same bad behaviour. Getting desperate, I created the simplest new header/detail web view using the DF19.1 Studio. After it was created, I didn't change any code except for one of the columns which I changed from being a cWebColumn to a cWebColumnSuggestion. I compiled it and what I found is that if I tabbed out of the changed column (and therefore, not used the suggestion object), the suggestion object stayed on the screen, however, if I used the mouse to go into the next column (or anywhere else on the current row), the suggestion object would do the correct thing and disappear when the associated column lost the focus.

    Am I missing something? Or should I be asking, "What has changed between 18.2 and 19.1 when it comes to the cWebColumnSuggestion class?

    Object oAGENTCD is a cWebColumnSuggestion Entry_Item AGENT.CD Set psCaption to "Agent" Set piWidth to 45 Set psToolTip to "Agent to be invoiced for this job." Set piSuggestionWidth to 600 Set piMaxResults to 50 Set piStartAtChar to 1 Procedure OnFindSuggestions String sSearch tSuggestion[] ByRef aSuggestions Integer i Date dDate WebGet psValue of oScheddtlTRIP_DATE to dDate Move (SizeOfArray(aSuggestions)) to i Clear AGENT Repeat Find gt AGENT by 1 // CD If (Found) Begin If (AGENT.AdminOnly = "N") Begin If (AGENT.DATE_DELETED = "" or (AGENT.DATE_DELETED <> "" and dDate <> "" and AGENT.DATE_DELETED > dDate)) Begin If (Lowercase(AGENT.CD) contains Lowercase(sSearch)) Begin Move (SerializeRowId(GetRowId(AGENT.File_Number))) to aSuggestions[i].sRowId Move (Trim(AGENT.CD)) to aSuggestions[i].aValues[0] Move (Trim(AGENT.NAME)) to aSuggestions[i].aValues[1] Increment i If (i >= piMaxResults(Self)) Move False to Found // stop at piMaxResults End End End End Until not (Found) End_Procedure End_Object

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