Pseudo code like this could work.
Set_argument_size to iSomethingBig
Direct_input channel 3 'c:\temp\myfile.txt'
read_block channel 3 sCOntent -1
close_output channel 3
Move (replaces("',", sText, '##ESCAPEDCOMMA##')) to sContent
Move (replaces(",", sText, sTab)) to sContent // sTab = character(9) ?
Move (replaces('##ESCAPEDCOMMA##', sText,"',")) to sContent
direct_output channel 4 'c:\temp\myfile2.txt'
write channel 4 sContent
close_output channel 4
A quick search hints towards using powershell to automatically open csv in excel and save as tab-delimited. Maybe that is also possible with lib-excel, but I do not know for sure.