DataFlex Studio 19.1

When I try to log into a server with special characters (á, é, í, ó, ú, ñ...) in the username or the password I am getting a login error.

I created a new sql server authentication login (TestUsér - TestPáss) for testing.
I can log into the server with SSMS but in the DataFlex Studio (SQL Connection Manager) I am not able to do a successful connection.

For now I augmented my oConnection to convert the character set before the registration of the connection:
    Object oConnection is a cConnection
        Use LoginEncryption.pkg
        Use DatabaseLoginDialog.dg

        Procedure OnAddConnection tConnection  ByRef Connection
            Move (ToANSI(Connection.sConnectionString)) to Connection.sConnectionString
            Forward Send OnAddConnection (&Connection)
Is there a better way to fix this in the application? And at the Studio? (It seems to me that this is something Dataflex must handle by itself).