Hi guys,

I've followed the examples given and I can't get the colours to change in respect to the cWebColumn's value.

This code snippet is in a .wo file which is used in my WebApp:
Object oScheddtlDRAFT is a cWebColumn
Entry_Item Scheddtl.DRAFT
Set psCaption to "Draft"
Set piWidth to 25
Set psToolTip to "Ship's current draft."
Set psCSSClass to "DraftColours"

Procedure OnDefineRowCssClass String ByRef sCSSClass
Forward Send OnDefineRowCssClass (&sCSSClass)

If (Scheddtl.DRAFT >= 11.6 and Scheddtl.DRAFT <= 12.1) Begin
Move "DraftMedium" to sCSSClass
Else If (Scheddtl.DRAFT > 12.1) Begin
Move "DraftHigh" to sCSSClass
Else Begin
Move "DraftLow" to sCSSClass

This is in Application.css:
#OWEBAPP .DraftLow.DraftColours{
background-color: green;
#OWEBAPP .DraftMedium.DraftColours{
background-color: orange;
#OWEBAPP .DraftHigh.DraftColours{
background-color: red;

Anyway, it's not working and I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what might be the problem or what I may have misunderstood or be missing.