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    Default NotePad++ native DataFlex support


    As you may know The Hammer uses the scintilla control for its editor.
    Over the past week I have worked with the developer from that control to get my DataFlex lexer merged into the latest scintilla control.
    That merge was done last night. So next version of the scintilla control WILL have native DataFlex support.

    That by itself is great as it makes it easier for me to keep the editor control in The Hammer in sync with new updates to the scintilla control.
    But.. it is great for more reasons as just "The Hammer".

    As you might know the scintilla control is used by more source code editors.
    One fairly popular editor is "NotePad++"...

    So today I played a bit with NotePad++ and yes indeed it is possible to add native DataFlex language support there too.
    You can find the code for that here:

    However it will take a bit more time to get my code for that upstream as the NotePad++ developer will first have to sync with the latest scintilla control. I have no idea when that will happen.

    NotePad++ does not just allow you to swap out the scintilla control DLL (sciLexer.dll) as it has to be signed with their developers certificate.

    So in order to be able for you to play with it and give me feedback I prepared a few precompiled binaries (with the certificate check removed): (32 bits) (64 bits)

    Note that I did not sign those binaries (sorry too much hassle for the moment) and as they are just zipped, you will have to "unblock" them in Windows Explorer properties.

    There's also 2 .xml files that have been adapted.

    So you should get the official .zip notepad++ 7.7 version, then replace the notepad++.exe and the scilexer.dll
    Put the 2 .xml's in the same folder.
    Remove/rename existing langs.xml and stylers.xml so that it will generate a new copy from the 2 *.model.xml files.
    Then it should work.

    None of those extra steps are needed once I get this upstream, but for the moment it is what it is.

    Last edited by wila; 6-Jul-2019 at 05:34 PM. Reason: added 64 bits variant, thanks Dave!

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