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I see it now has a Dark Mode, maybe time for and update
I would concur, but ... me having time for working on this is another matter.
Besides that, there's this:

Neil Hodgson - 2021-05-26

There's a portability issue with this lexer. It uses strnlen which isn't found in some environments like some releases of MinGW. Its likely it can be replaced by strlen as the result from GetCurrentLowered should always be NUL terminated within the buffer.
Which has priority over anything else, but .... see above.

The scintilla control in version 5 has moved the lexers to an external DLL and I need to look at it, but ... yeah getting tiresome.
I will get to it, just don't know yet when, there's a few other things I need to finish up first.

For Notepad++ I suspect that most of the work I did back then will have to be done again as so much must have changed in the mean time.