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Thread: NotePad++ native DataFlex support

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    Default Re: NotePad++ native DataFlex support

    Quote Originally Posted by wila View Post
    Ah right.
    That actually makes perfect sense as I had only compiled a 32 bits version of notepad++, my bad.

    Here's a 64 bits version:

    I will edit the top post and add the link there as well.
    I never thought to check that

    okay, installed remotely to office PC and looks good, though I'll have to rebuild my compile script as it got lost during yesterday's stuff.

    Will report back after walking dogs, breakfast, and the commute (and whatever is waiting on my desk)
    test? it compiles doesn't it?

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    Default Re: NotePad++ native DataFlex support

    OK, with 38 downloads somebody must have tried?

    Anybody wants to comment on the good and/or bad for the native DataFlex support in NotePad++

    Anything missing?

    Just curious as I"m not a NotePad++ user myself, but I know it is fairly popular.

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    Default Re: NotePad++ native DataFlex support

    Hi Will

    Sorry, Off course you want some feedback. So far all has been great!

    Marco Kuipers
    DataFlex Consultant
    28 IT Pty Ltd - DataFlex Specialist Consultancy
    Adelaide, South Australia

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    Default Re: NotePad++ native DataFlex support

    No worries, not in a hurry.

    Just wondering what I should add/change/fix before submitting a pull request to the Notepad++ folks.
    As the official scintilla control with DataFlex support isn't out yet, I will have to wait anyways.

    Perhaps some people from DAW could test the unicode support? (I would expect to have some snafu in that area as I did not run tests against unicode myself)
    It would be nice to get that right on the first pull request.

    One of the things I noticed was View -> Function List which is empty on my tests. Is that supposed to do something? Should it present something like a code explorer?

    Do all the fold/collapse options in the view menu work as expected?

    Is the performance OK with big files?

    See.. I've got plenty of questions

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    Default Re: NotePad++ native DataFlex support

    Hi Wil

    Download it today.. replaced the files with your zipped ones..
    unBlocked the new .exe

    I can open Notepadd++ , and can see the dataflex lang added in the menu , But when I select it for a .pkg file nothing changes..
    the source code is still shown as a regular .txt file..
    Using 7.7 32bit version

    I guess I miss understood the .xml files part in your instructions.. I just extracted them and replaced the original ones with yours..
    Samuel Pizarro

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    Default Re: NotePad++ native DataFlex support

    Hi Samuel,

    Just retested it here and it works with latest files.
    Most likely you missed a step.

    Here's what I did.
    - downloaded the 32 bits notepad++ files (I selected the zip release, but installer would be fine too)
    - tested notepad++ and opened a .pkg file
    - closed notepad++
    - downloaded the 32 bits zip from my first post
    - dropped the notepad++.exe _and_ scilexer.dll on top of the existing files, overwriting them
    - checked for having to unblock files and unblock if needed
    - deleted the langs.xml and stylers.xml files
    - dropped the langs.model.xml and stylers.model.xml from my zip on top of the existing files, overwriting them
    - ran notepad++ again, not seeing DataFlex high lights for the .pkg file it re-opened
    - selected DataFlex language -> and it works, at least it does for me.


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    Default Re: NotePad++ native DataFlex support

    Yay, I just noticed that the fine people from Notepad++ did upgrade to the latest Scintilla code a week ago.
    As such there is now a DataFlex lexer in their codebase.

    This means that it will be much easier to get them to accept my changes for supporting DataFlex out of the box (they still need some changes for that, but I made those in my fork). I might have some time to look into this soon.


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