Seems you have identified my main motivation

I forgot to mention a few things.

1. The license of the scintilla control (and thus my donated lexer) is free for commercial use.
2. The scintilla control compiles in 32 bits as well as 64 bits and supports unicode.
3. The SciTE editor, which is the editor that scintilla was developed for, already has support for DataFlex merged along with the scintilla merges. The developer of that editor however disabled DataFlex support by default. You have to make a small change to a configuration file to enable it. The reason he disabled support was because there's some file extension clashes with other languages.

There's a lot of projects using the scintilla control (see ) so can look at other areas later on.
One step at a time.

I encourage active notepad++ users to try the above binaries and tell me what they miss or like to see changed.